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Allow the desktop callender to be click-through-able. So one can open folders, doc's etc behind it with a hot key.

Tyron Armstrong , 17.01.2011, 03:58

Hello... It'd be great if we'd be able to reposition the desktop icons, you know, when the calendar is also being displayed on the desktop... Thanks !

As the program it is right now, it does not seem possible to reposition your normal desktop icons without first moving out of the way or disabling the calendar display !
Maybe an option to make the calendar dockable to the edge of the screen would be an easy solution... VUEMINDER IS A NICE APPLICATION ANYWAY... THANKS !

Hector, 18.01.2011, 00:53
Idea status: under consideration


VueSoft, 17.01.2011, 16:15
Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I'm not sure this is technically possible. This is more a Windows limitation than anything else. A window (at least one that uses Microsoft .NET) can never be below the bottom-most window, which is the Windows desktop. The only way I could get this to work would be to change the Windows background image to be a static snapshot of the desktop calendar. The snapshot would need to update each time the calendar changes, and wouldn't be interactive. It could get messy!

Anyway, I've put this on my list of things to think about. Maybe I can come up with a better approach. I appreciate the suggestion!
tyron armstrong, 18.01.2011, 10:12
It should be possible, I know a program, (think its called) rain meter in which it is possible. Perhaps they aren't using .net which is where your limitation is.

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