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have it as a screensaver so that you have a chance of seeing it if u forget to check it

some people forget things easily.especially businessmen.There is a chance of them even forgetting to check the vue minder calendar if its not put on the desktop.so,the best soln is to have it as a screensaver because most office computers in private cabins are idle most of the time which lets the computers display the screensaver which is surely to be seen by the person using the computer.

Franco Fernandes , 17.01.2011, 03:35
Idea status: scheduled


madmarsu, 17.01.2011, 10:33
This is a good idea, and I agree for the reason.
But this may lead to expose private or confidential data!
I suggest that either we could choose amongst the following:
- if we want to show each item in "screensaver mode", (or globally?),
- or that we may display only the title (or a special field for that purpose)
- or only a coloured rectangle showing that there is something at that moment.

This could also be taken from the "privacy" field in gCal for example; in that case, user should be able to choose if the screen locked is to be considered as private or public :)

M., http://vivreafond.com/RienQuePourAujourdhui
VueSoft, 17.01.2011, 15:51
Thank you for the suggestion. I have this on my list of planned improvements, including settings for controlling how much information is visible. You'll be able to select just showing event blocks (with no detail), or the complete event details. This idea is fairly high on my list and I plan to start working on it soon.

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