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Make a real-time preview for available options in step 2 of configuration wizard 'Choose a Window Layout' and step 7 'Configure Default Event and Reminder Settings'/Appearance

klakier , 17.01.2011, 03:04
Response from the site administrator
VueSoft, 23.01.2011
Version 8.1.0 has been officially released and contains the suggested improvement, along with many other improvements and corrections. To update, select the "Check for Updates" command in the Help menu. You can also download it here:
Idea status: completed


VueSoft, 17.01.2011, 15:46
Thank you for the suggestions. The window layout does dynamically refresh when the selection in the Configuration Wizard is modified. Unfortunately, the first time the Configuration Wizard runs, the main window is still not visible, so the dynamic layout stuff isn't seen. This is a bug that I'm planning to fix.

Regarding the event appearance preview, you will see (sort of) a color preview in the gradient style field, but it doesn't have the round corners like an event would have. I'll see if this can be improved.

Thanks again for the suggestions, and I hope you'll find VueMinder Calendar Pro useful.

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