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Allow the import/synchronisation of contacts between iPhones, iPads and other mobile phones or mobile devices

Colin Wiffen , 17.01.2011, 01:17
Idea status: scheduled


VueSoft, 17.01.2011, 15:39
Thank you for the suggestion. I'm planning on adding support for syncing contacts with Google, which I believe can then be synced with most smartphones. Look for this improvement to be completed within the next few months.
Colin Wiffen, 17.01.2011, 15:57
Hi, that is a great step forward but ultimately direct syncing from your app would be the way to go as it is then just a one step process. Is this likely to be something of a consideration for you in the future?
VueSoft, 18.01.2011, 16:27
Yes, direct sync is on my list of things to investigate.

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